PSA on-site nitrogen generator

Nitrogen flow : 5-10000Nm3/hr

Nitrogen purity : 95%-99.9995%

Nitrogen pressure : 5-10 bar(G)

Nitrogen dew point : -40℃~ -45℃

Notes : PSA Nitrogen system can be installed on one skid or containerized , any other requirements are welcome to customize .

Proven & reliable technology ;

Advanced design , Plug & Play ;

Lower energy consumption, high efficiency ;

Fully automatic PLC control with remote control , the operation parameters of the equipment can be monitored by mobile APP and computer WEB terminal;

The equipment is equipped with energy monitoring and energy-saving adjustment, which can automatically adjust the operating parameters of the system within the range of 50-100% according to the actual gas consumption;

Professional equipment annual maintenance plan and regular on-site inspections

by professionals ensure long-term stable operation of the nitrogen generator and

eliminate the worries of users;

Options for movable or fixed type ;