Fully enclosed welding machine SW series

1、Laser welding has a small overall width, small thermal hazard zone, and small deformation.
2、Laser welding speed is faster, the welding is neat and beautiful, and there is no need to dispose or solve it easily after welding, and the welding quality is high.
3、Laser welding, without air vents, precise operation, small focal point, high accuracy level, easy to complete automation technology.

4、Laser welding machines use extremely high energy density laser beams to fuse materials, with fast welding speed, high strength, narrow weld seams The Heat-affected zone is small, and the deformation of the workpiece is small. The subsequent processing workload is less, and the manual output is reduced. It is more flexible and safe.

Model SW-A 1000/1500/200/3000/4000/6000W
Laser power 1000W-6000W (optional)
Laser wavelength 1070nm
Laser output mode Continuous/Pulse
Fiber core diameter 30/50/100um (optional)
Welding head type Fixed type (optional rotary swing type)
Chuck clamping range Standard 80/100mm (customizable)
Motion platform stroke X=200mm;Y=200mm;Z=150mm (Stroke can be customized according to customer requirements)
Al/A2 axis rotation angle 360°
C-axis (rotary table) 180° (customizable according to the number of work stations)
X, Y axis positioning accuracy ‡0.05mm
X, Y axis repeatable ‡0.05mm
Processing width 200mm ×200mm (customizable)

Mainframe external 1800mm × 1000mm ×2000mm