Enclosure exchange platform Laser Cutting Machine

1、The fully enclosed structural safety protection design can effectively protect the work safety of equipment operators and prevent laser from harming people.
2、The automatic lubrication system provides quantitative lubricating oil for the equipment to ensure high speed operation, with abnormal alarm and liquid level alarm function. This system greatly improves the cutting accuracy and effectively extends the service life of the transmission mechanism.

3、The unique transmission structure of the exchange table, the transmission is smooth and fast, and the exchange is completed within 15 seconds; the unique structure design solves the problem of the industry's upper and lower exchange table cutting speed is not synchronized, and the cutting head shakes when the lower table is cutting.

Working Area 6000mm×2000mm×2630mm (customizable)

Laser power 1000-50000W

Positioning Accuracy(X/Y) ±0.03mm/m

Repeat Positioning Accuracy(X/Y) ±0.02mm

Max Repeat Positioning Speed(X/Y) 120m/min

Max Acceleration(X/Y) 1.2G

Max Loading Weight 1500KG

Machine Weight 8000KG

Machine Dimension(LxWxH) 14900mm×4100mm×2630mm

Voltage 380V/50HZ

Laser Output Power 12kW / 6kW