Automatic TMT Rebar (Wire Tying Type) Bundling Machine

Production capacity: 85t/h.

Max. bundling diameter: 500mm.

Final rebar diameter: 8-32mm, 12m length. 11. Type: double rings.

Function: packaging the finished product to bundles

Bundling wire:

Wire diameter: 6.5mm-8mm 2.Wire material: Q195-Q235 3.Tensile strength: 410-435n/mm2 4.Type: double rings

Bundling material requirement

Round bar: 20mm-100mm.

Bar temperature: <400°C

Bar length: 6-12mm.

Packaging shape: similar as circular column. 5.Weight: 2-3t per bundle.

Packaging diameter: 200-400mm. 7.Circle time: less than 26s for single trail. 8.Guide channel: 800mm.

Hydraulic transmission

System pressure: 12mpa.

System pressure: one set rebar tying machine works under one hydraulic station or several sets of

Tying machine work under the same station.

Power system:

Voltage: 380vac,50hz.

Motor power:15kw

Power supply capacity:18kva

Moving distance:

Front &back travel: max.1500mm. 2. Up &down travel: max.450mm.

Control model:

Operation model: Remote automatic control (2 class control)/Local automatic control / local

Main control PLC: S7-300.