Integrated welding machine LW series

1、Platform automatic welding can achieve four to six axis linkage control.
2、The laser is 1000-6000 watts, and different power lasers are selected according to the melting depth requirements.
3、Adopting the Windows operating system and equipped with a fiber optic dedicated CNC system - Bochu system, it has powerful functions, user-friendly interface, and easy to understand operation. The industrial control computer can be equipped with CAD/CAM, making it convenient for drawing and programming in production, while minimizing raw material savings.
4、Equipped with a swinging welding head, the light spot can be manually adjusted from 0-5mm to meet the process requirements of different weld widths.
5、CCD real-time monitoring of welding status, displaying at 10x high-definition magnification.
Laser power 1000/1500/200/3000/4000/6000W
Laser wavelength 1070m
Laser output method Continuous/Modulated
Fiber laser core diameter 25um/50um/100um
Welding gun cable length 10m
Welding head type Fixed spot welding head or rotary oscillating welding head
Weldable materials Carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium alloy, aluminum, galvanized sheet
Equipment mechanism All-in-one models
Motion platform stroke X-5 keram be custom, a according to customer requirements)
Rotating mechanism Standard 80/100mm chuck (can be customized) Manual or electric elevation adjustment from 0-90 degrees
Laser welding head adjustment angle +90°(manual or electric)