Hydraulic Ironworker Machine, Combined punching, shearing, cutting, notching, bending

Hydraulic ironworker is a functional machine that can cut, bend, punch, shear, notch. This is wildly used in the field of the metal-working industry.

Shearing Plate:

Angle of shearing(°) 8

Max shearing thickness (mm) 30

Flat bar(W*T) (mm) 335×30600×20

Shearing bar:

Round steel (mm) 65

Square steel (mm) 55*55

90° shearing of equal-angle steel (mm) 180*180*16

45° shearing of equal-angle steel (mm) 80*80*10

90° shearing of T-bar (mm) 180*180*16

I-beam steel (mm) 280*140*10.5

Channel steel (mm) 280*86*11.5


Thickness (mm) 16

Width (mm) 60

Depth (mm) 100

Punching hole:

Max. punching thickness (mm) 28

Max. diameter of punching (mm) 28

Punching pressure (Ton) 160

Depth of throat (mm) 600

Max. length of cylinder stroke (mm) 80

Stroke times (Times/min) 12~28

Material strength (N/mm²) ≤450

Motor power (KW) 11~15

Overall dimensions L*W*H (mm) 2680*1040*2300

Net. Weight (KG) 6800