S5-II dual station

1、The bed and gantry are welded with high-strength steel pipes, and undergo solid solution and vibration aging treatment to eliminate internal stress in the workpiece, stabilize the organizational structure, and improve mechanical properties.
2、The MFSC series (chassis type) single module continuous fiber laser is a high-efficiency, high beam quality single module fiber laser. High power, high efficiency, high reliability, and long service life. The electrical components and servo drivers adopt first tier brands such as Fuji, Schneider, and SMC, ensuring the stability, reliability, and sensitivity of the entire machine during operation.

3、Adopting the Windows operating system and equipped with a fiber optic dedicated CNC system - Bochu system, it has powerful functions, user-friendly interface, and easy to understand operation. The industrial control computer can be equipped with CAD/CAM, making it convenient for drawing and programming in production, while minimizing raw material savings.