SUN Xenon Lamp Weathering Test Chamber

Equipped with three different filter systems to obtain spectra of different energy distributions

A. Daylight filter: simulates the spectral distribution of ultraviolet and visible light of solar radiation (equivalent to outdoor direct sunlight), and has the best correlation with most outdoor practical applications. It is used to test outdoor materials, called artificial weather aging test.

B. Window glass filter: simulates the spectral distribution of ultraviolet and visible light of the window glass after passing through 3mm(corresponding to the sunlight transmitted through the window glass). It is used for testing indoor materials, called artificial radiation exposure.

Light source: 1.8KW imported air-cooled xenon lamp or 1.8KW domestic xenon lamp (normal service life is about 1500 hours)

Effective exposure area: 1,000cm2 (9 pieces of 150×70mm samples can be placed at a time)

Irradiance setting range: Chinese Xenon lamp: 30W/m2~100W/m2 (300nm~400nm) or 0.3 W/m2~0.8 W/m2 (@ 340nm) or 0.5 W/m2~1.5 W/m2 (@ 420nm)

*Optional: Ameircan Xenon lamp: 50W/m2~120W/m2 (300nm~400nm) or 0.3 W/m2~1.0 W/m2 (@ 340nm) or 0.5 W/m2~1.8 W/m2 (@ 420nm)

Support lighting function, no spray, no humidity, no temperature function

B-SUN Xenon Lamp

Adjustable Irradiance Range:

0.3~0.75 W/m2 (Single point of control:340nm)
0.5~1.35 W/m2 (Single point of control:420nm)

30 W/m2~90 W/m2 (Full spectrum :from 300~400nm)

Q-SUN Xenon Lamp:

Irradiance setting range

30W/m2~150W/m2 (Full spectrum 300-400nm)or

0.3W/ m2~1.5W/m2 @340nm or 0.5W/ m2~2.7 W/m2@420nm

Internal working volume: 50L/100L/600L/1000L/3600L

Conforms to a large number of national,international and industry specifecations,including but not limited to:

AATCC TM169、ASTM C1442、ASTM C1501、ASTM D4355、ASTM D6695、ASTM G151、ASTM G155、ISO 105-B06、ISO 105-B10、MIL-STD 810G