Fatigue Testing Machines

Fatigue tests include the following types, which are classified by the form of the applied load, environmental factors, etc.

Tension-compression fatigue tests

Evaluation of endurance (fatigue strength) against cyclic stress by using a combination of tension, unloading and compression.

High cycle fatigue test: Normal fatigue test at frequencies up to approximately 1-5000 Hz.

Low cycle fatigue test: Fatigue test using a slow strain rate at frequencies of less than about 10 Hz.

Gigacycle fatigue test : Fatigue test in which approximately 1 × 109 cycles or more are applied in a short time by ultrasonic vibration

Fatigue crack propagation testing machine

Evaluates the propagation rate of fracture crack under cyclic stress.

Plane bending fatigue testing machine

Torsional fatigue testing machine

Rotating bending fatigue testing machine

Simulated environment fatigue testing machine

Possible to perform fatigue tests in actual use environment, for example, in seawater.

Corrosion fatigue testing machine