Heating of compression air dryer

Heating of compression air dryer , via air compressor two stage high temperature or without cooling high temperature compressed air to regenerate adsorbent of dryer ,without any power supplied, while heating no air consumption, reliable working, energy-saving new type compression air dryer

Flow : 1-500 Nm3/min

Pressure : <10 bar(G)

Dew point : -60 ℃

Minimum inlet air temperature:100℃-140℃

Pressure range:0.5-1.0Mpa

Pressure dew point: -40℃

Regeneration gas consumption:≤1.5%

Inlet oil content:≤0.1PPm

Control mode: PLC control

Power supply: AC 220 V / 50 Hz/60Hz

Period: T = 6-8 (H)

Working pressure: 0.8MPa

Inlet cooling water temperature: 20-40 ℃

Pressure of cooling water : 2-5 bar(G)

Notes: Other special requirements will be customized