Industrial CT Scanning Systems

Is industrial computerized tomography scanner, the basic principle is based on the attenuation and absorption characteristics of radiation in the detected object. Industrial CT will be more complicated in function, not only to diagnose machine or part problems, but also to accurately measure various sizes and tolerances, and the measurement accuracy will be higher, reaching the micron level.

- Electronic X-ray inspection equipment.
- High precision marble base with whole board.
- Automatic loading and unloading system on the front of sample table
- Universal CT for auto parts.
- Suitable for PCB/SMT/BGA semiconductors, etc.
- Can be used for special inspection equipment for electrical and electronic parts.
- Optimized user interface and image filter.
- Confirm images quickly and clearly.
- Based on GPU(graphics processing unit) can provide ultra-high speed scanning.
- Automatically detect bubbles and bad functions.
- Provide real-time reconnaissance and fast scanning, and quickly provide CT data.
- CT rotating precision up to 10μm.
- The earliest demonstration center with 450KV high power output X-ray.