Single Platform Fiber Laser Cutting Machine L series

1、The bed and gantry are welded with high strength steel pipes, which are treated with solid solution and vibration aging to eliminate the internal stress of the workpiece, stabilize the organization and improve the mechanical proper-ties, etc.
2、2000W-3000W (chassis type) single module continuous fiber laser is a high efficiency, high beam quality single module fiber laser. High power, high efficiency High reliability and long life.

3、The electrical components and servo drivers adopt first-line brands such as Fuji, Schneider, and SMC to ensure that the whole machine is stable, reliable and responsive during operation.

Model 3015 | 4020

Working Area 3000mm×1500mm | 4000mm×2000mm. (Can be modified up to 6000mm)

Positioning Accuracy(X/Y) ±0.05mm/m |±0.05mm/m

Repeat Positioning Accuracy(X/Y) ±0.02mm |±0.02mm

Max Repeat Positioning Speed(X/Y) 100m/min |100m/min

Max Acceleration(X/Y) 1.0G| 1.0G

Max Loading Weight 900KG|1000KG

Machine Weight 1800KG|2000KG (Can be modified up to 2800kg)

Machine Dimension(LxWxH) 4118mm×2950mm×2000mm mm×mm×mm

Voltage 380V/50HZ

Laser Output Power 6kW / 3kW / 1.5kW / 12kW