ESS Test Chamber

Surface temperature control of sample and environmental temperature control technology in test area

Meet the stress screening and lead-free process of electronic equipment products、MIL-STD-2164、MIL-344A-4-16、 MIL-2164A-19、NABMAT-9492、GJB-1032-90、GJB/Z34-5.1.6、IPC-9701...and other test requirements.

Different stress can be set to screen the temperature change rate:5℃/min、10℃/min、15℃/min、20℃/min.

Can perform rapid temperature change (stress screening), condensation test, high temperature and high humidity, temperature and humidity cycle, etc.

Meet the stress screening test requirements for electronic equipment products.

Executable equal temperature and average temperature test. Complete real-time test curve analysis shows no time limit.

Inner volume (L) 225/408/800/1000/1500

Temperature range -70°C~180°C(A:5°C/min; B:10°C/min; C:15°C/min; D:20°C/min) Linear/Nonlinear

Humidity range 20.0%RH~98.0%RH