Single platform plate tube integrated machine ER series

1、Pipe and plate integrated laser cutting machine, can cut both pipe and plate, one machine with two uses, saving costs.
2、Adopt pneumatic chuck, fast centering clamping, high processing accuracy, no deformation of clamping when automatic loading and unloading.
3、The X/Y axis adopts precision helical gear transmission mechanism, which effectively ensures the accuracy and speed of the cutting process.

4、The well-known brand laser has good stability and long service life.

Model Y3015/Y4015/Y402/Y6020/Y6025

X/Y axis positioning accuracy ±0.03mm/m

Max loading length of pipe 6000mm

Max length of pipe unloading 1500mm

Plate processing width (L*W) (mm) 3000*1500/4000*1500/4000*2000/6000*2000/6000*2500

Processing round pipe diameter range(mm) ø20-160/ 20-220

Range of square pipe edge length(mm) 20*20-150*150

Optional laser power(W) 1500/3000/6000/12000

Maxload weight of pipe 60kg (≤10kg/m)