CK6140 Flat Bed CNC Lathe

Max. Length of Workpiece (mm):750
Structure:Flat Bed Lathe
Max. Spindle Speed (r.p.m):2000 r.p.m
Machining Capacity:Medium Duty
Spindle Bore(mm):82
Width of bed (mm):150 mm
Spindle Motor Power(kW):7.5
No. of Spindles:Single
Max. Turned Length (mm):1500
Number of Axes:2
Travel (X Axis)(mm):280 mm
Travel (Z Axis)(mm):1500 mm
Positioning Accuracy (mm):±0.015
Repeatability (X/Y/Z) (mm):±0.01
CNC Control System:GSK
Tool Post Stations:4
Weight (KG):1900
The Max. Body Diameter:400
The Max. Length:750mm
X/Z axis travel:280/750mm,1000mm,1500mm
Tail stock center hole:MT4
The main moto power:7.5
Chuck size:hand chuck
Turret type:4 Electric tool rest at station
Machine dimensions:2230*1280*1640