Battery explosion-proof temperature test chamber

Battery test according worldwide standards IEC UL and others.

IEC 62660-2 Reliability and abuse test of lithium battery cells for electric vehicles

SAE J2464 Electric vehicle battery abuse test

IEC 60086-4 Primary batteries Part 4: Safety of lithium batteries

UL 1642 US lithium battery safety standard

UN Lithium Battery Testing United Nations lithium battery test requirements

IEC 61960 Portable lithium secondary battery unit

IEC 62133 Single battery (cell) and battery pack with alkaline or non-acid electrolyte: Portable battery cells and batteries manufactured using them, safety requirements for portable applications.

UL 2054 Household and commercial batteries

IEEE 1625 Laptop rechargeable battery

IEEE 1725 Telephone rechargeable battery

Inner volume (L) 80/150/225/408/800/1000/1500

Temperature range -70°C~180°C(A: 0°C~180°C; B: -20°C~180°C; C: -40°C~180°C; D: -70°C~180°C)

Humidity range 20.0% RH~98.0% RH (optional)