V Grooving Machine

HSKC Horizontal CNC V-Grooving machine's frame and beam are designed with frame structure. The overall rigidity of the machine is

good and durable.

Strictly in accordance with the machine tool processing technology, using electric furnace tempering. Eliminating welding stress and

reducing equipment deformation.

The metal sheet is fixed by hydraulic clamping system, which has high slotting speed and ensures Strong clamping force. The hydraulic

system has accumulator compensation and servo motors can save energy and decrease oil temperature.

The HSKC Horizontal CNC V-Grooving machine uses four knives to make the "V" groove, so the cutting result will be uniform and the

deformation of the workpiece will be reduced. The optional micro-cooling system can extend the tool life and reduce production costs.

This machine can work both vertically and horizontally, also can work on both front and back side of the metal sheet.

Working speed can be adjusted according to the material and operator..