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  • European components: PLC, motors, bearings

YM Steel Door Frame Embossing Machine

The whole welded machine structure achieves high rigidity; the machine is designed by ANSYS software which can ensure the reliability and precision of the door frame embossing machine. The cylinder block material is #35 forged steel, the cylinder plunger material is chilled cast iron. The surface hardness is up to HRC 45. One door frame mold is for one deign, for different designs, customers need to buy different molds. The lifetime for each mold is more than 200,000 pieces of sheets and the design depth of each mold is customized. The machine has two different operation modes: manual and semi-auto. Frame-type structure can achieve higher strength, stable working process and longer lifetime.

(Variable models)

Nominal capacity (KN) 8000/12000/14000/16000/18000/20000/24000

Return force(KN)260/280/300/350/385

Max working pressure(MPa) 25

Ram stroke(mm) 250

Max opening height (mm)400

Speed of ram:

Descent(mm/s) 180

Pressing(mm/s) 4000/3600/2800

Return(mm/s) 120

Dimension of working table:

L-R (mm) 4000/3600/3200/2800

F-B (mm) 600/500/450/400

Motor power(kW) 55/45/37/22

Double-Action Hydraulic Steel Metal Door Embossing

The whole welded machine structure achieves high rigidity; the machine is designed by ANSYS software which can ensure the reliability and precision of the double-action hydraulic steel metal door embossing machine. One skin mold is for one design, different skin molds with same size can be used on the same mold frame. The lifetime for each skin mold is more than 300, 000 pieces of sheets and the design depth of each skin mold is writhin 15mm. Column-type structure can achieve higher strength, stable working process and longer lifetime. The machine can make the full designs on the door sheet by the mold frame and skin mold.

Main cylinder force 30000kN
Main cylinder reture force 425kN
Main cylinder stroke 600mm
Ejection cylinder stroke 200mm
Ejection cylinder force15000kN
Hydraulic die cushion size 2200*680*250mm
Column diameter 235mm*4PCS 9225mm*4PCS
Hydraulic system pressure 25MPa
Opening height 750mm
Ram speed:
Fast down100-120mm/s
Worktable size 2600mm*1500mm
Motor power 30kw+30kw
Main cylinder ZSG500 X 600 X 6PCS
Ejection cylinder HSG500/450X220 X 1PCSZSG500 X 200 X 2PCS

Hydraulic Stainless Steel Metal Door Embossing Machine

Hydraulic stainless steel metal door embossing machine is a multi-column and multi-cylinder structure, economical and practical, with high pressing accuracy. It has an independent hydraulic pump station and electrical control system. The hydraulic control adopts the integrated system of cartridge valve, with compact structure, reliable action, good sealing performance, long service life and easy installation and maintenance. The oil pressure is displayed by a digital display electric contact pressure gauge, and the upper limit of oil pressure can be set arbitrarily within the permissible range according to needs. The electrical system is centrally controlled by push-buttons, and the working pressure and stroke can be adjusted according to needs within the specified range.

Nominal force(KN) 20000/25000/30000/36000/45000/60000

Return force(KN) 425/435/500

Max. Pressure of Main Cylinder (MPa) 25

Ram Stroke (mm) 500

Max. Opening Height (mm) 600

Stroke speed of slide:

Descent (mm/s) 100-120

Pressing (mm/s) 8-12

Return (mm/s) 100-120

Dimension of working table:

L-R (mm) 1480/1500/1600/2000/2100

F-B (mm) 2200/2500/2600/3000/4000

Metal Door Frame Angle Cutting Machine

The metal door frame angle cutting machine is high efficiency and high precision, suitable for sawing many kinds of metal door frames, the cutting angle is precise, the section is smooth and burr-free, no secondary processing is needed. Universal frame cutting, perfect cutting result. Infrared alignment, high positioning precision. Intelligent control panel.

1. CNC touch screen
2. Double cutting station
3. Any degrees frame cutting

4. Cutting process programming

Steel Door Electric Folding Machine

The steel door electric folding machine is of all-steel welded construction. It has a very simple structure, a light design and is very easy to operate. It is economical and efficient as it consumes little power and requires no other energy. The bending angle can be set and the workpiece can be processed according to the customer's requirements.

Steel Metal Door Heat Transfer Printing Machine

The steel metal door heat transfer printing machine transfers all four sides of the workpiece in one pass. There are no missed transfers, no colour differences, good transfer results and the transfer time is cut in half, extending the life of the machine.
  • Vacuum working environment
  • Double-face printing
  • Double working station
  • Automatic transfer printing control
  • Fantastic printing effect
  • Long life working time
Working temperature (℃) 240
Worktable size (mm) 2400*1400
Transfer printing effective area (mm) 2200*1200
Starting power (Kw) 24
Working power (Kw) 10
Main motor power (Kw) 0.75
Working efficiency(min/face) 5
Weight (Kg) 800
Printing depth (mm) 15
Dimension (mm) 2900*1600*1700

Security Steel Door Hot Press Machine

Security steel door hot press machine has intelligent temperature control, when the temperature is not enough, it will be heated automatically. When the temperature reaches the required value, the heating system will stop heating automatically. The Timing control system can be set according to production time. The electrical control system has protection for overload. It is equipped with an emergency stop button for a safer operating process.
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