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and Rigid hoses.

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Flexible Hose » Crimping


New high volume hose crimper Tubomatic is able to crimp industrial hoses up to 16'' with big flanges and couplings. Its horizontal layout with a lowered working height was studied to create an ergonomic machine, practical and easy to use for the operators.


-ES4 Siemens PLC control with 7'' colour touch-screen display on mobile support;

- self lubricating moving components;

- silent pump;

- particularly narrow crimping head to crimp hose ends with large flanges or 90° fittings;

- back limit switch;

- protractor for fittings orientation;

- separate hydraulic power pack included.

Flexible Hose » Cutting

is ideal for cutting flexible hydraulic hoses up to 2" 1/2 six spirals.

Fume extractor and blowing kit available upon request.


- self braking motor (7,5 Kw);

- stroke counter;

- Ø 520 mm serrated blade;

- cutting speed adjustment device;

- self-centering hose support;

- pedal-equipped pneumatic control;

- drawer for internal cleaning and single blade replacement;

- recessed blade and guards for the operator's safety;

- potentiometer, which regulates the reflection of the hose-lever once the pedal has been released.

Flexible Hose » Skiving

Skiving machine is capable of simultaneously or separately skiving the internal and external surface of hydraulic hoses as well as obtaining a perfect fitting preassembly thanks to the insertion function it is provided with.


- device for centering the return stroke of the piston, which allows accelerating the skiving and insertion function;

- safety device, which prevents the operation of the machine when the safety casing is open;

- drawer for shavings;

- self-centering pnenumatic vice.

Flexible Hose » Marking

The HP1PN marker is a pneumatic rolling device for marking ferrules up to a 2’’ diameter.

Flexible Hose » Washing

Speedy Clean is an efficient and inexpensive system for the internal cleaning of flexible hoses. Cleaning operations are carried out by means of a spray gun, which introduces a specific solvent into the hose. The detergent action of the solvent combines with the pressure that develops inside the component to eliminate any deposits possibly accumulated therein. Speedy Clean is equipped with wheels to easily move it around your workshop and it is also provided with a connector for compressed air.


- adaptor for hoses up to 2";

- 30 litre tank;

- hydraulic power pack.

Flexible Hose » Testing

1200 and 2000 bar test bench, provided with pneumo-hydraulic pump.

Automatic door opening and luminous signal.

Lighted internal chamber protected by a shock-proof testing window; oil protecting mesh and shelves for tools.

Static and dynamic pressure by air-oil pressure multiplier.

PLC control.

Rigid Pipe » Multi-functional units

The CENTER MAXI is a mobile multifunctional unit, composed of the following machines:

- bending machine C50ES, suitable for bending carbon and stainless steel tubes up to Ø 50 mm;

- flaring machine Unispeed USFL 24/37ES, suitable for preassembling DIN2353 rings and 37° flaring of hydraulic tubes up to Ø 42 mm with maximum thickness of 4 mm. The machine is equipped with a double working level: an upper level for bends up to 180° and a lower one for standard tubes;

- a deburring machine with Ø 6-42 mm internal and external tools;

- a cutting machine with capacity up to Ø 125 mm.

The electronic control ensures enhanced performance and makes the Center Maxi particularly suitable for volume production of hydraulic rigid tubes.

Rigid Pipe » Multi-functional units


This small and inexpensive mobile multifunctional unit allows to carry out all operations required to process rigid hydraulic tubes: internal and external deburring, bending, DIN2353 rings pre-assembling, 37° flaring of stainless (AISI 316 TI) and carbon steel (ST 37.4) rigid tubes, Ø 6 to 42 mm and 4 mm thickness with fittings complying with the SAE and JIC standards.

Rigid Pipe » Bending

bending machine is ideal for bending 5 to 50 mm stainless steel (AISI 316 TI) and carbon steel (ST 37.4) rigid tubes.

The electronic control ensures enhanced performance and makes the C50 ES particularly suitable for volume production.

The machine can be equipped with a tube driving system.

Rigid Pipe » Pre-assembling

Allows to carry out preassembling operations of DIN2353 rings and 37° flaring of hydraulic tubes up to 42 mm in diameter and a maximum thickness of 4 mm.

The machine is equipped with a double working level: an upper level for bends up to 180° and a lower one for standard tubes. The electronic control ensures enhanced performances and makes Unispeed USFL 24/37 ES particularly suitable for volume production.

Rigid Pipe » 37° 90° Flaring

is a machine ideal for 37° and 90° orbital flaring of hydraulic rigid tubes ends.

The machine, which requires only one tool change to carry out the flaring operations, uses a cold orbital forming process to create a flat and smooth sealing surface at 90° and 37° with a suitable rugosity for the O-Ring seal.

The various possibilities of adjustment and configuration of the USFL 90/37 ES

allow to obtain any flaring diameter and thickness.

The machine, equipped with electronic control with color touch screen display, allows to optimize the working process, which makes it particularly suitable for processing equipment as well as for volume production. The machine is fully programmable and settable, with the possibility to recall previously set recipes.The USFL 90/37 ES is equipped with a front tool-holder compartment and a lubrication system of the automated tools, which acts by means of a dedicated unit.

90° flaring tools for ORFS Parker available upon request.

Flaring tools supplied according to UNI ISO 8434-2 and DIN 3949 regulations.

Stainless steel different from AISI 316 TI can compromise the quality of the flaring operation and the tools state of conservation.

Rigid Pipe » Deburring

This machine carries out both internal and external deburring of rigid tubes in stainless (AISI 316 TI) and carbon steel (ST 37.4), with a diameter ranging from 20 to 75 mm.

The S02 deburring device guarantees proper removal of burrs, leaving the edge of the tube uniformly clean and smooth.



The test bench BCPE120ES performs permeability tests of thermoplastic hoses in compliance with the EN1736:2008-7 standards, using 100% tracer gas helium, by placing them into a properly heated testing chamber to detect possible permeations of the surface of the hose or on its fittings.

In its standard configuration this bench can be used to test hoses or other hydraulic/pneumatic components with any of connection. The testing cycle is automated by means of a customized software. Moreover, the system is provided with an on-line remote assistance capable of detecting possible failures.


• Mimimum hose section 3/16''

• Maximum hose section 1'' 1/4

• Test pressure: 120 bar

• Test fluid: helium


The test bench BCI12ES performs filter tests in compliance with the UNI EN 13443:1-7.4 standards.

The automation of the test is carried out using a customized software, thus allowing to set a series of test data, display the graphic and numeric test trend, store instructions and print the final test report.

The system is provided with an on-line remote assistance capable of detecting possible failures.


• Maximum test pressure: 12 bar

• Minimum test pressure: 1,5 bar aprox.

• Stainless steel testing chamber


The educational test bench BD16012ES has a control system capable of simulating the main situations that you may deal with when working with an hydraulic system, in particular:

• checking and setting the maximum pressure of the system

• checking and setting the flow at the exit of the pump

• speed and rotation control of the main electric motor by inverter through wireless keypad

• direction and speed control of a linear cylinder with different pressure load

• speed and rotation control of an hydraulic motor

• monitoring of the closing position of the valves of the system

• measurement of pressures in the various points of the system

• measurement of the fluid temperature

• detection of the contamination level of the fluid in the various points of the system

• manual or automatic cycle simulation through PLC control


• Maximum working pressure 160 bar

• Maximum working temperature 55°c

• Maximum working viscosity 46 cst

• Maximum working flow 12 lt/min

• Minimum working flow 5 lt/min

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