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Salt spray test chamber

Environmental test equipment for simulating the corrosion resistance of products or metal materials by simulating salt spray environmental conditions

The artificial simulated salt spray environment test uses a test equipment with a certain working volume - the salt spray test chamber, to artificially use the salt spray environment

in the working room to assess the salt spray corrosion resistance quality of the product

Sand & Dust test chamber

Controller can control time and temperature

Equipped with air switch (to prevent overcurrent and short circuit), dustproof socket

We have insulation mineral wool on both sides of the machine, which effectively reduces the noise of the machine.

Cable port for easy power-on test.

Wiper: the dust adhering to the wall can be wiped to maintain the concentration required for the test.

Rain Test Chamber (IPX-9K)

Applicable to the evaluation of the degree of protection of electrical appliances, electronic equipment and etc. Mainly used to determine: the effectiveness of the protective shell to prevent rain, the ability of the equipment to meet its performance requirements during or after the rain exposure, the physical damage caused by the rain, and

whether the rainwater removal system is effective. Size can be customized

Water spray angle:0、30、60、90 degree(4 positions)

Water flow:14-16L/min

External dimensions (mm) 1500(W) x 1950(H) x 1250(D)
Testing room dimensions (mm) 1000(W) x 1080(H) x 1050(D)
Test table size 400mm x 400mm

Energy-saving (platinum series) Temperature & humidity test chamber

A variety of models, well fit environmental test chamber

Meet the following test standards:

·IEC 60068-2-1: Cold

·IEC 60068-2-2: Dry heat

·IEC 60068-2-14: Change of temperature with specified rate of change

·IEC 60068-2-30: Damp heat,cyclic

·IEC 60068-2-38: Composit temperature/humidity cyclic


·IEC 60068-2-78: Damp heat,steady state

·IEC 61747 (5.2.7): Liquid crystal and solid-state display

devicesEnvironmental,endurance and mechanical test

·ISO 16750-4 (5.3): Road vehicles (Temperature cycling)

ESS Test Chamber

Surface temperature control of sample and environmental temperature control technology in test area

Meet the stress screening and lead-free process of electronic equipment products、MIL-STD-2164、MIL-344A-4-16、 MIL-2164A-19、NABMAT-9492、GJB-1032-90、GJB/Z34-5.1.6、IPC-9701...and other test requirements.

Different stress can be set to screen the temperature change rate:5℃/min、10℃/min、15℃/min、20℃/min.

Can perform rapid temperature change (stress screening), condensation test, high temperature and high humidity, temperature and humidity cycle, etc.

Meet the stress screening test requirements for electronic equipment products.

Executable equal temperature and average temperature test. Complete real-time test curve analysis shows no time limit.

Inner volume (L) 225/408/800/1000/1500

Temperature range -70°C~180°C(A:5°C/min; B:10°C/min; C:15°C/min; D:20°C/min) Linear/Nonlinear

Humidity range 20.0%RH~98.0%RH

Two-zone/Three thermal Shock Test Chamber

Two-zone/Three thermal Shock Test Chamber

The high-precision refrigeration system controls the cooling capacity with high precision and achieves significant energy savings

Safety Standards: Safety of machinery (ISO 12100,) Low voltages(IEC 60204,) and EMC (IEC 61000-6-2 and IEC 61000-6-4)

Uniform thermal stress performance.

Optimal mechanism and high efficiency refrigeration machinery design.

Mobile APP/ computer remote control.

Cooling mode supports air cooling and water cooling.

Controller supports multiple languages such as Chinese/English.

Inner volume (L) 50/80/150/200/300/500

Temperature range -55°C~+150°C (A: -40°C~+150°C; B: -55°C~+150°C;)

Recovery time: 5~10min

Transfer time: 3 seconds

SUN Xenon Lamp Weathering Test Chamber

Equipped with three different filter systems to obtain spectra of different energy distributions

A. Daylight filter: simulates the spectral distribution of ultraviolet and visible light of solar radiation (equivalent to outdoor direct sunlight), and has the best correlation with most outdoor practical applications. It is used to test outdoor materials, called artificial weather aging test.

B. Window glass filter: simulates the spectral distribution of ultraviolet and visible light of the window glass after passing through 3mm(corresponding to the sunlight transmitted through the window glass). It is used for testing indoor materials, called artificial radiation exposure.

Light source: 1.8KW imported air-cooled xenon lamp or 1.8KW domestic xenon lamp (normal service life is about 1500 hours)

Effective exposure area: 1,000cm2 (9 pieces of 150×70mm samples can be placed at a time)

Irradiance setting range: Chinese Xenon lamp: 30W/m2~100W/m2 (300nm~400nm) or 0.3 W/m2~0.8 W/m2 (@ 340nm) or 0.5 W/m2~1.5 W/m2 (@ 420nm)

*Optional: Ameircan Xenon lamp: 50W/m2~120W/m2 (300nm~400nm) or 0.3 W/m2~1.0 W/m2 (@ 340nm) or 0.5 W/m2~1.8 W/m2 (@ 420nm)

Support lighting function, no spray, no humidity, no temperature function

B-SUN Xenon Lamp

Adjustable Irradiance Range:

0.3~0.75 W/m2 (Single point of control:340nm)
0.5~1.35 W/m2 (Single point of control:420nm)

30 W/m2~90 W/m2 (Full spectrum :from 300~400nm)

Q-SUN Xenon Lamp:

Irradiance setting range

30W/m2~150W/m2 (Full spectrum 300-400nm)or

0.3W/ m2~1.5W/m2 @340nm or 0.5W/ m2~2.7 W/m2@420nm

Internal working volume: 50L/100L/600L/1000L/3600L

Conforms to a large number of national,international and industry specifecations,including but not limited to:

AATCC TM169、ASTM C1442、ASTM C1501、ASTM D4355、ASTM D6695、ASTM G151、ASTM G155、ISO 105-B06、ISO 105-B10、MIL-STD 810G

Shock / Bump Test System

Windows-based stable control system, full-automatic remote-control interface.

Multi-track guide posts combined with good lubricity and noise free hydraulic balance lifting system to achieve stable shifting.

Automatic control of lifting height with high accuracy and good repeatability.

Rated Load (kg)

Table Size (mm) from 115x115mm up to 1500x1200 (custom)
Peak Acc. (g)
Half-sine 5-3000/ 20-2000/15-200
Post-peak 10-100/15-200/10-50
Pulse Duration (ms) 1/3/6 to 18
Power supply AC380V 50/60 Hz
Standards MIL-STD-810F, IEC68-2-27

Electromagnetic vibration testing machine

The EV series electromagnetic vibration tester simulates the vibration environment under laboratory conditions and tests the impact strength and reliability in various vibration test applications.

In the laboratory, the vibration tester can simulate modes such as sine, random, resonant search and dwell, typical shock and road simulation.

Frequency Range (Hz) 5-3000

Max Sine Force (KN) 10/20/30/40/50/60/70
Max Displacement (mmp-p) 51/76/100

Max Acceleration(g) 75/100

Max Velocity(m/s) 1.8/2.0

Max Load(kg) 300/500/800

Armature Weight(kg) 10/20/40/45/50/60

Armature Diameter (mm)
Cooling Mothod 240/320/445

Power Amplifier (KVA) 21/44/54/73/82/95/140

Power Supply 380V, 50 Hz

Aggregate Capacity (KW) 9/20/25/35/45/64/85

Forced cooling system

UV lamp Weathering Test Chamber

The UV lamp accelerated weathering test chamber uses a fluorescent ultraviolet lamp as a light source, and appropriately controls the temperature and humidity to periodically generate condensation on the sample, thereby comprehensively

obtaining the damage effect of sunlight, moisture and temperature on the polymer material.

External dimension 1360×520×1310mm (WxDxH)

Effective exposure area 5175cm2/828in2

Irradiance setting range 0.3W/m2 ~1.0 W/m2

Light source UV-A(wavelength 340nm)or UV-B(wavelength 313nm); 40W×8pcs ( normal service life: 6000h)

*Optional light source:

UV-A (320~400nm) / UV-B (275~320nm)

ASTM D4799, ASTM D6662.J15K 5600-7-8.AATCC TM186,ASTM G154.ASTM D4587.EN 927-6,ISO 11507,ISO 4892-3,SAE J2020

Bench-top Temperature & humidity test chamber SMC-22-CC

Lightweight and compact design, the whole chamber has a very small volume and the internal volume can reach 22.5L

International standards

Complies with the following standards: ISO 12100 Safety of Machinery IEC 60204 Low Voltage

IEC 61000-6-2 EMC

IEC 61000-6-4 EMC

Temperature range - 40 ~ +150°C
Humidity range 20 ~ 95% R.H.
Internal working volume 22.5 L
Internal dimensions (W x H x D) mm 300 x 300 x 250
External dimensions (W x H x D) mm 440 x 740 x 885

Ultra low temperature test chamber SM-812

Small size and wide temperature range Temperature range: -85°C ~ +180°C

Meets the temperature change rate specified by JTMK07 and IEC60068-3-5.

A compact high performance and reliability test chamber solution covers a wide range of temperature testing requirements from ultra low temperature -85 °C to high temperature

+180 °C.

Wide temperature range(-85°C ~ +180°C) Mobile APP/ computer remote control

USB port for data storage and output English and other language options Imported well-known components

Temperature range - 85 ~ +180°C
Internal working volume 64 L

Internal dimensions (W x H x D) mm 400 X 400 X 400

External dimensions (W x H x D) mm 950 x 1200 x 630

Battery explosion-proof temperature test chamber

Battery test according worldwide standards IEC UL and others.

IEC 62660-2 Reliability and abuse test of lithium battery cells for electric vehicles

SAE J2464 Electric vehicle battery abuse test

IEC 60086-4 Primary batteries Part 4: Safety of lithium batteries

UL 1642 US lithium battery safety standard

UN Lithium Battery Testing United Nations lithium battery test requirements

IEC 61960 Portable lithium secondary battery unit

IEC 62133 Single battery (cell) and battery pack with alkaline or non-acid electrolyte: Portable battery cells and batteries manufactured using them, safety requirements for portable applications.

UL 2054 Household and commercial batteries

IEEE 1625 Laptop rechargeable battery

IEEE 1725 Telephone rechargeable battery

Inner volume (L) 80/150/225/408/800/1000/1500

Temperature range -70°C~180°C(A: 0°C~180°C; B: -20°C~180°C; C: -40°C~180°C; D: -70°C~180°C)

Humidity range 20.0% RH~98.0% RH (optional)

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