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500N Hydraulic Servo Dynamic and Static Universal Testing Machine

500N hydraulic servo dynamic and static universal testing machine is widely used in the dynamic and static mechanical properties test of materials and parts, including tensile, compression, low cycle and high cycle fatigue tests. It can be used for crack propagation fracture mechanics and other mechanical tests of various materials by configuring the corresponding accessories and test software. Equipped with high and low temperature box, it can also carry out high and low temperature mechanical test.

Maximum static test force: ± 500N
Maximum dynamic test force: ± 500N
Frequency range: 1-10hz
Maximum test space: 400mm
Maximum static test force± 500N, which is calibrated according to 1 and 10 attenuation times, and the indication accuracy is ± 1% from 20% of each gear.maximum dynamic test force± 500N, and the amplitude fluctuation is not greater than ± 2% FS of each gear.
Maximum amplitude of the actuator± 25 mm, with indication accuracy of 20% ± 0.5% FS
Frequency range 1-10hz
Main test wave form supported by controller specification of constant pressure servo pump station
Flow rate 210L / min, 21MPa, motor power 55kW
Size of worktable 800 mm x 800 mm
Column distance335 mm x 335 mm
Maximum test space400 mm

Electro-hydraulic servo dynamic and static universal material testing system

Maximum static test force: 500kN
Maximum dynamic test force: 500kN
Frequency range:: 0.1-20Hz

1.Maximum static test force: ±500kN, graded according to 1, 10 decay multiplier, the accuracy of the indicated value is 20% from ±1% per grade.
2. Maximum dynamic test force: ±500kN, amplitude fluctuation not greater than ±2%FS in each grade.
3. Maximum amplitude of the actuator: ±75mm, ±0.5%FS from 20% accuracy.
4. Frequency range: 0.1-20Hz .
5. Main test waveform: supported by the controller.
6.Constant pressure servo pump station specification: flow rate 55L/min, motor power 25kW.
7. Table size: 1200*800mm.
8. Maximum test space: 1000mm.

Electro-hydraulic servo dynamic and static fatigue testing machine

Max static force: ±1000kN
Frequency range: 0.1-20Hz
Max dynamic force: ±1000kN
Test space: 1000mm
Maximum static test force: ±1000kN, calibrated according to 1, 10 attenuation multiples, and the display accuracy is ±1% from 20% for each file.
Maximum dynamic test force: ±1000kN, the amplitude fluctuation is not greater than ±2%FS for each gear.
The maximum amplitude of the actuator: ±150mm, ±0.5%FS from 20%.
Frequency range: 0.1-20Hz.
Main test waveforms: supported by the controller.
Specifications of constant pressure servo pump station: flow rate 100L/min, motor power 45kW;
Workbench size: 1200*800mm;
Maximum test space: 1000mm.

Ultra High Frequency Universal Fatigue testing Machine

Static force error: ≤±0.5%
Dynamic force error: ≤±0.2%
Maximum amplitude: 5mm or 2mm
Dynamic test force±10kN/±25kN/±50kN/±100kN/±250kN/±500kN/±1000kN
Amplitude of 20kN/50kN/100kN/200kN/500kN/1000kN/2000kN
Unidirectional force
Static force error≤±0.5%
Dynamic force error≤±0.2%
Range of Frequency 50Hz~1000Hz50Hz~450Hz30Hz~400Hz
Stroke 700mm/800mm/1000mm
Maximum amplitude 5mm/2mm

30kN Electro-hydraulic Servo Fatigue Testing Machine

Size: 840*400mar*1850
Power: 11kW
The maximum amplitude: ±75mm
Range of Frequency range: 0.1-25Hz
Maximum static test force: ±30k:N
Maximum dynamic test force: ±30kN
The maximum amplitude: ±75mm
Range of Frequency range: 0.1-25Hz
Main test waveform: Supported by the controller
power 11kW
Specification of constant voltage servo pump station:flow≥30L/min, 21Mpa
Distance Between Columns(mm)580mm
Maximum test space: 800mm
Size: 840*400mar*1850
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