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Spectrometer XRF For Jewellery
Detector TypeSDD (USA)
Multichannel Analyzer DahoMeter-DMCP
Sample Chamber Size 380 * 380 * 60 (mm)
Test Time5sec ~ 30sec
Measuring Element 72 elements from sodium (Na) touranium (U) between all the elements
Gold Silver Particles Granulator

Power source Three phase 380V, 50/60Hz

Power 15 kw

Vacuum casting system

Applicable metal

Gold, K-Gold, Silver, Copper, Brass, Bronze, and their alloys

Melting time 5-6 min

The Max capacity 24K Gold: 10.0 kg 925 Silver: 5.0 kg

Max heating temperature 1600℃

Max. temp control k-type 1100℃

Casting chamber size D330*H840mm

Dimension 800*1020*1700mm

Weight 235KG

Protective gas Argon

Vacuum pump 63 m³/hour

Control of temperature by PID

Accuracy of temperature ±2 degrees Celsius

Vacuum filter Y

Vacuum leakage detector Y

Casting chamber lift Y

Vacuum casting line for Jewellery

Line consists

1. Wax beads 2. Wax injector 3. Jewelry Wax Mould 4. Mini Vacuum Investment Powder Mixer 5. Flask

6. Burnout Furnace 7. Metal 8. Mini Vacuum Casting Machine 9. Sandblaster

Smelter Furnace
Power source Single phase 220V±10%, 50/60Hz
Power 3.5 kw
Applicable metal
Gold, Silver, Copper, Brass, Bronze, and their alloys
Melting time 2 minutes
Max capacity 24K Gold: 1.2 kg 18K Gold: 1.0 kg 925 Silver: 0.6 kg
Max temperature 1600℃
Dimension 320*280*550mm
Weight 20 kg
Heating technology Induction heating
Water pump
Laser Welding Machine for Jellewery
Laser Wavelegth 1064nm
Pulse Width 0.5-15ms
Pulse Frequency 15HZ
Laser Spot 0.1-3.0mm
Repeating Precision 0.001mm
Visual System Microscope & CCD Camera
Repeat Accuracy 0.002mm
Power 5KW
Cooling Method Build-in Air Cooled Integrated Water Tank
Power Supply AC 220V/50-60HZ
Gold Foil Sheet Rolling Mill

Voltage 380V, 50/60Hz 3 phases

power 7.5kw

Big roller: diameter 180 × width 200mm;

small roller: diameter 60 × width 200mm

hardness 63-64 °

Dimensions 1080×680×1580mm

Weight 1100kg


automatic lubrication; universal transmission of gear box, Max thickness is 5mm; the thinnest gold can be pressed 0.008mm; also can be pressed K gold, platinum flakes; frequency converter speed regulation; static powder spraying of the frame, with front and back sheet take-up device.

Electropolishing polishing machine for jewelry
Power 220V 50HZ
time range 0-15min
power 250W
DC output current 0-20A
capacity 4L
Tank material Titanium
Application gold, silver, copper
Dimensions 350 * 280 * 250mm
Weight 13kg
Minting Metal Jewellery press
Rated capacity Ton 100
Max. system pressure Mpa 25
Stroke of movable working table mm 110
Height of movable working table mm 800
Open height mm 310
Workbench stroke speed
Approaching mm/s 160
Returning mm/s 145
Movable working table size: L-R between column mm 430
F-B Rim mm 430
Motor power kw 11
Weight 1500 KG
Automatic Stone Diamond Inlay
High Precision
The intelligent grading system can 100% avoid omissions and wrong drilling, and ensure high-quality manufacturing.
High Speed
Four suction drill bits, reaching 9000-12000 pieces per hour, realize fast and high-precision drilling, and improve production efficiency.
Fully Automated
Automatic identification system, 540-degree rotating diamond setting, can realize various three dimensional, curved and flat diamond setting, fully automatic.
100% Manual Restoration
Use flexible point drills to imitate hand-pressed point drills, 100% to achieve the same effect as hand-set diamonds. It also saves labor costs while improving production quality.
Easy to Use
It only needs to simply install the mold, change the mold, and press the powerbutton to complete the operation. No professional training is required, so training time and cost are saved.
High Quality Machine Body
One-piece cast iron body, high rigidity, ultra-stable, not easy to deform, ensuring stability and precision for long-term use.
Reduce Metal Loss
Using the jewelry wax inlay casting process, the diamonds are first spotted onthe wax mold, and then the jewelry is cast by casting the mold to achieve no metal loss.
Working power AC220V/50Hz
Rated voltage 1.3 kw
Drilling speed 9000-12000 drills / hour
Number of suction drill head 3 suction nozzles
Spot drilling accuracy ±0.02mm
Control System industrial five-axis motion controller
Drive system High-end servo
Working air pressure 80psi (0.4Mpa)
Equipment size
length 780 * width 730 * height 1400mm
Equipment weight 350KG
Fiber Laser Making Machine for Jewellery
  • Laser Source: Raycus / JPT / IPG brand.
  • Control Card: Original EZCAD 2 & EZCAD 3 version.
  • Laser Power: 20W/30W/50W/60W/80W /100W
  • Marking Area: 110*110mm / 150*150mm
  • Galvo Head:2D SG7110
  • Column Stand: Manual / Auto Focus / Motorized Z axis. size 50cm / 68cm / 80cm or more.
  • More optional Parts: Rotary / Electric XY table /Metal Plate Fixture
Jewellery Chain making machine
Specification 2 heads, 4 heads optional
Machine size 56cm*97cm *180cm
Control method PLC programmable controller
Spindle maximum speed 24000 rpm

XRF Gold Analyzer

Power supply 0 ~ 50 kv
Weight 1.58kg
Detection type Gold . Silver.
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