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Y32 Four-Column Hydraulic Press Machine

Y32 four-column hydraulic press machine adopts three beams and four columns structure, the hydraulic system adopts cartridge valve oil circuit, the electrical system adopts relay or PLC control circuit, with adjustment and semi-automatic operation mode, the whole machine structure is simple, compact, economic and reasonable, reliable action, long service life, small hydraulic impact, reduce the connection pipeline and leakage. Its working pressure, pressing speed and stroke range can be adjusted within the specified range according to the process needs, and two types of process can be realized: constant pressure and constant range. In the case of fixed-pressure forming, there is a pressure-holding delay and an automatic return stroke after pressing. The table is equipped with an ejector device in the middle, which can be used as a hydraulic pad for the forming process of drawn parts in addition to ejecting the products.

(Variable models)

Nominal (KN) 630 - 30000

Knockout force (KN) 160 - 5000
Table area(mm) 550*630 - 4000*2600

YL Hydraulic Shop Press Machine

The YL hydraulic shop press machine is mainly used for sheet metal pressing and forming as well as calibration processes. It adopts a three-beam and two-column combined structure, welded with steel plates and stress relieving treatment, with sufficient rigidity and strength, spacious operation space, easy to observe and install and adjust moulds on all sides, simple structure and beautiful appearance of the whole machine. The independent power mechanism and electrical system are controlled by PLC and can be operated in a point-action or semi-automatic manner. The working pressure can be adjusted according to the needs of the process.

(Variable models)

Nominal Force (kN) 200 - 1000

Stroke(mm) 200 - 350

System Pressure(MPa) 25 - 30

Working Table Size(Left and Right) (mm) 360 - 440

Working Table Size(Front and Back) (mm) 400 - 650

Motor Power (kW) 2.2 - 7.5

Y41 Single Column Hydraulic Press

The Y41 single column hydraulic press is a "C" type single column construction with an all steel welded body. The hydraulic system is arranged in the body and the lower part of the working table is equipped with a hydraulic pad, the working pressure stroke can be adjusted within the specified range. The electrical control system is based on a "PC" programmable controller. The machine is controlled centrally by push-buttons and can be operated in an adjustable, manual or semi-automatic manner. This series of hydraulic presses is suitable for drawing, punching, bending, flanging, correction, pressing, hot and cold extrusion of metal materials, and also for pressing and forming of powder products and plastic products.

(Variable models)

Nominal (KN) 160 - 3150

Maximum Pressure (mPa) 13 - 26,5

Stoke (mm) 350 - 600

Pressing speed (mm/s) 8 - 15

*Blanking hole (optional)

Y27 Four-Column Single-Movement Hydraulic Press Machine for Sheet Metal Deep Drawing

Y27 four-column single-movement hydraulic press machine for sheet metal deep drawing adopts a counter-stretching process and the hydraulic pad can be installed in or outside the table. The hydraulic system uses cartridge valves and the electrical system is automatically controlled by PLC. It is equipped with point-action and semi-automatic operation functions, and the stroke, pressure and speed of each moving part are independently adjustable within a certain range to meet the needs of metal products forming parts. It can also be equipped with beating device, moving table, punching and cutting buffer device, grating safety protection device and man-machine interface according to the user's needs.

(Variable models)

Nominal (KN)2000/2500/3150/4000/5000/6300/8000. (variable up to 30000)

Return force (KN) 240/400/600/500/900/850/900

Working pressure (Mpa) 25

Cushion pressure (KN) 400/630/1600/2000

Pressing (mm/s) 5-12/4-10/5-12/4-10/4-10/5-12/8-22

Table height above floor (mm) 750/700/500

Table size (customizable)

Overall dimensions

L-R(mm) /2450/2600/2850/5800/4150/5400

F-B (mm) 1300/1500/2600/2600/2900

Motor power (KW) 15/22/2×22/96

Hydroforming Press Machine

Hydroforming presses are designed for both high and low pressure complex hydroforming applications involving sheet or tubular based parts. Hydroforming presses are used for the production of automotive components, tank manufacturing, plumbing, and a wide variety of industrial product manufacturing applications, by Hydroforming, can be produced stronger, lighter, and more solid.

(Variable models)

1. High Performance Structural Design
2. Able to Perform a Range of Hydroforming Functions
3. Optional Automatic Die Changing System
4. Durable, with low maintenance requirements
5. Hydraulic auxiliary functions

Hydraulic Press Machine with Exchange Table

(variable models)

Hydraulic press machine with exchange table has a CNC exchange table ideally matched to the hydraulic press machine. The overall structure is divided into two parts: the machine and the exchange table. The exchange table part can be used for the positioning of the pallet and the spindle as well as for various indexing movements in coordination with the main machine, in accordance with the main machine control instructions. The change table section enables the automatic exchange of two pallets. The rotary table, in conjunction with the mainframe, enables the full automation of pallet exchange and pallet braking and unbraking, and enables the machining of equal and unequal workpiece holes, slots and curved surfaces with high precision.

1. Siemens main motors
2. Schneider electric parts
3. Customized T slots

4. Exchange table for quick mold change

YW27 H Frame Type Hydraulic Deep Drawing Stamping Press Machine

YW27 H frame type hydraulic deep drawing stamping press machine has high slide approachand return speed. It is equipped high quallity motars, vealves and pumps. Optical safety device and emergency stop button. Low maintenance and easy operation design. Hydraulic die cushion for deep drawing. Optional moving bolsters and mould stripping device.

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