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Relaxation Test Machine for Steel Strand, Galvanized Steel Wire and Rebar

Relaxation Test Machine for Steel Strand, Galvanized Steel Wire and Rebar is mainly used for the relaxation test of steel strand, and can detect the uniaxial tensile relaxation strength of steel strand and other metal wires. With proper accessories, the equipment can also be used for tensile and compression tests of other samples.

Maximum test force300KN
Effective measurement range 2% - 100% FS
Relative error of indication± 1%
Speed regulation range 0.001-25mm/min
Relative error of indication± 1%
Test machine host form horizontal structure
Maximum tensile space 1200mm
Coaxiality within 15%
Sample specification Φ11.10;Φ12.70;Φ15.24mm
Protection function When the maximum test force exceeds 2% - 5%, it will stop automatically
Host size 2100 mm x600 mm x1150 mm

Steel Pipe Bending Testing Machine Pipe test machine

Steel Pipe Bending Testing Machine is a special equipment for the technical bending test of steel pipes. The main technical parameters meet the requirements of the lasted national standard GBT232-2010“Metal Material Bending Test Method”, Article 7.3 on the test speed of (1±0.2) mm/s, and real-time digital display of the corresponding bending angle. It is suitable for metal pipe bending test specified in GB/T 244-2008 “Metal pipe bending test method”, GB/T 8162-2008 “Structural seamless steel pipe”GB/T13793-2008 "Straight seam welded steel pipe", GB/T3091-2008 "Low-pressure fluid transport bending steel pipe", YB/T 5363-2006 "Welded Stainless Steel Pipe for Decoration" and other standards method.

Specimen Outer Diameter (D)Φ21.3(DN15), Φ26.9(DN20), Φ33.7(DN25)Φ42.4(DN32), Φ48. (DN40), Φ60.3(DN50), Φ16, Φ19, Φ25, Φ30, Φ32
Steel Pipe Bending Angle 0°-90°
Specimen Maximum Wall Thickness (t) 5mm
Bending Angle Control Accuracy±1.5°
Working Speed of Roller ≤1.4 r/min

GB/T13793-2008/ GB/T3091-2008

Curvature radius of bending roller (R=6D)

(Supplied with radius R of elbow sleeve for steel pipe (6 times diameter)

YB/T 5363-2006
Test Control Method
1. Manual control: the sample bending test is manually controlled, and the bending angle is manually controlled during the bending process;
2. Automatic control: The bending test is automatically controlled by the equipment, the bending angle can be set, and the angle is always displayed during the bending process, and it will automatically stop when the bending angle reaches the set angle.

Horizontal tensile testing machine for wind turbine anchor bolt

Horizontal tensile testing machine adopts horizontal frame structure, single rod double acting piston cylinder exerts the test force, and the computer control system realizes the automatic control of the test process by controlling the servo motor to drive the high-pressure oil pump and other components. The test data is determined by the load The sensors are accurately collected and transmitted to the computer, and the test results are automatically analyzed and processed by the control system and stored, and the required test reports can be printed directly through the printer. This testing machine is professionally used for the tensile test of pre-stressed bolts and other samples. It can automatically measure the total elongation and residual deformation of the bolts. The equipment is equipped with an intelligent sorting system for online product inspection and mass inspection. Equipped with automatic loading and unloading and automatic screwing device to realize automatic detection.

Maximum test force: 2000kN
Test force range:50kN~2000kN
Error of test force :≤±1%
Tensile test space:2000mm-6000mm
Piston stroke :700mm
Displacement measurement range:0~700mm
speed of piston:50mm/min
Force measuring method:load sensor
Rod deformation measurement accuracy:≤0.01mm
Equipment power supply:380V three-phase 5 wires

Steel wire rope horizontal tensile test machine

This equipment adopts high-precision electro-hydraulic servo pumps to control the test force and displacement (deformation) automatically in multiple modes, and completes the test parameters setting, test process control, data collection, processing, analysis and display during the test, accurate to achieve isochronous displacement control, isochronous test force control, with any test force point setting and holding function. And equipped with electro-hydraulic servo horizontal testing machine special software, can print various requirements of the test curve and test report, can choose stress-strain, test force-strain, test force-time, test force-displacement, displacement-time The test curves such as stress-strain, test force-strain, test force-time, test force-displacement, displacement-time, deformation-time, etc. can be displayed, enlarged, compared, traversed and monitored during the test in real time.

ASTM E4, ISO7500-1 etc.

Test machine level 1 grade
Maximum test force (KN) 5000kn
Test force measurement range 2% - 100% of the maximum test force
Relative error of indication value of test force≤ 1% of indication value
Test resolution the maximum test force 1 / 200000
Relative error of displacement indication≤ 1% of indication value
Displacement resolution (mm) 0.01
Adjustment range of displacement rate (mm / min) 0.005-50
Relative error of displacement rate indication±0.5%of indication value
Equipment height (mm) 1000
Tensile stroke (mm) 0~700mm
Test space 4000mm
Fixture connection mode bolt structure connection is adopted
Control mode computer control to achieve data processing
Power supplyAC 380V ± 10%
Working environment room temperature 10 ℃~ 35 ℃, humidity 20% ~ 80%

Force Standard machine

The new lever force standard machine with independent intellectual property rights developed by using advanced technology. It is suitable for all kinds of occasions such as force value transfer, dynamometer and precise force value. It is also a reliable, efficient and precise instrument for measuring and testing the force and sensor in scientific research, production and application.

Range Of Load Force10kN~1000kN

Maximum Magnification Ratio 50

Resolution Of Weight displacement 1um

Positioning Accuracy10um

Error Of Force ≤±0.01%

Power 2kW

Computer Controlled Impact Testing Machine

The computer controlled impact testing machine is a pendulum impact testing machine, using single-chip control, which can realize integrated operations such as swinging → positioning → impact → measurement → calculation → digital display result –printing, etc., with high work efficiency and test accuracy. After impacting the sample, the remaining energy is used to automatically swing the pendulum to prepare for the next impact test. Its superiority is better demonstrated in the test room where impact tests are continuously carried out, or in the metallurgy and manufacturing sectors where impact tests are carried out in large quantities. It can calculate and digitally display the material's impact absorption energy, impact toughness, pendulum angle and test average value. Print the current test data and the average value of the test.

Max. Impact Energy 150J/300J

Control Way Computer Control

Impact Speed 5.2m/s

Pendulum Angle 150°

Specimen Bearer Span 40mm

Round Angle Of The jaw R1~1.5mm

Round Angle Of Impact Edge R2~2.5mm

Impact Blade Angle 30±1°

Impact Blade Thickness 16mm

Standard Specimen Size 10mm*10(7.5or5)mm*55mm

Dimension 2124mm*725mm*1340mm

Weight 550kg

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